Daily Standup


The daily standup, also known as the Daily Scrum in Scrum methodologies, is a short, daily meeting designed for agile teams.

What is it?

Who's involved?

What's the purpose?

How does it work?

Teams often stand during the meeting to keep it brief. Each team member answers three key questions:


In some cases, it doesn't work!

Almost all the companies I've worked with have daily standup meetings. But then one day, many people in your team suddenly expressed that they found daily standup too long and ineffective.

The issues raised:

My ideas and works until now

I completely understand the problems mentioned above. When team members feel that daily standup meetings are not beneficial, they become a waste of time and ineffective.

I investigated the issues and identified everyone's expectations in each case. The common theme was to focus on what is necessary for each specific event.

Currently, I have divided the standup meetings into the following categories:

After implementing this flexible approach to daily standup meetings for a while, I found that everyone agreed and the problems mentioned were solved. Additionally, this adjustment helped everyone understand what to prioritize at each specific time.