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Journey to Project Management

» Business Domains:

Software Consultant | E-commerce | SaaS | CRM | Online Marketing | Online streaming

» Management knowledge:

Decision Making | Elicit Customer Requirement | Agile Manifesto | Scrum/Kanban | Product Life Cycle Management | Teammate Training

Why do I switch to being a product owner?

I often encounter this question when I go to interview in many companies. For me, the high levels of product development must be work capable of managing and giving product development strategies.

I have experience in website development, as well as a passion for user interface development. So my goal is to use the experience gained with the soft skills I learned to advance to a position where I can bring products to new levels.

In my opinion, this position requires good soft skills such as operation, communication, team-work, and understand Scrum framework work based on Agile Manifesto.

What makes me feel it interesting?

  • Using communication & interpersonal skill to build team culture, working-process.

  • Working and managing people to help them solve problems to get the project goal.

  • Decision-making and product life cycle management make me feel like a brainchild.

  • This is a pretty similar job as managing soccer teams.

Journey to Developer

» Front end knowledge:

Vue | React | Angular | CSS

» Back end knowledge:

Nodejs | Ruby on rails

How it helps my Product Management career path?

  • It makes me communicate with the engineering team easily.

  • It helps me understand how they feel when they encounter a problem related to the working process, business problem, and logic.

  • It helps me to make better decisions.

What to learn to do Front End developers?

  • That's a question I often see on Quora. To do this you must first have passion, passion to create interactive interfaces with end users.

  • Your job will usually be to discuss with UI designers to create eye-catching, impressive interfaces for users. Work with the UX designer to update the UI to be user-friendly.

  • It is possible that many people feel that it is not complicated, but its difficult is how to combine HTML / CSS / Javascript technologies to create a perfect UI.


Google Project Management (In-Progress)

Software Processes & Agile Practices | University of Alberta (Coursera)

Customer Analyst | Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Digital Product Management | University of Virginia (Coursera)

User Experiece Design | Georgia Insitute of Technogology (Coursera)

Bachelor's degree Information Technology | University of Science (Viet Nam)

Product Management Skills


Critical thinking.


Agile Product management.

Product analyst.

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