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Journey to Project Management

» Business Domains:

SaaS | Software Consultant | E-commerce

» Management knowledge:

Decision Making | Elicit Customer Requirement | Agile Manifesto | Scrum/Kanban | Product Life Cycle Management | Teammate Training

Why do I switch to being a project manager?

I often encounter this question when I go to interviews in many companies. For me, the high levels of product development must work capable of managing and giving product development strategies.

I have experience in website development, as well as a passion for user interface development. So my goal is to use the experience gained with the soft skills I learned to advance to a position where I can bring products to new levels.

In my opinion, this position requires good soft skills such as operation, communication, teamwork, and understanding the value of the Agile Manifesto.

What makes me feel it interesting?

  • Using communication & interpersonal skill to build team culture, and working-process.

  • Working and managing people to help them solve problems to get the project goal.

  • Decision-making and product life cycle management make me feel like a brainchild.

  • This is a pretty similar job to managing soccer teams.

Journey to Developer

» Front end knowledge:

Vue | React | Angular | CSS

» Back end knowledge:

Nodejs | Ruby on rails

How it helps my Project Management career path?

  • It makes me communicate with the engineering team easily.

  • It helps me understand how they feel when they encounter a problem related to the working process, business problem, and logic.

  • It helps me to make better decisions.

What to learn to do Front End developers?

  • That's a question I often see on Quora. To do this you must first have passion, passion to create interactive interfaces with end users.

  • Your job will usually be to discuss with UI designers to create eye-catching, impressive interfaces for users. Work with the UX designer to update the UI to be user-friendly.

  • It is possible that many people feel that it is not complicated, but its difficult is how to combine HTML / CSS / Javascript technologies to create a perfect UI.


Google Project Management (Google)

Software Processes & Agile Practices | University of Alberta (Coursera)

Customer Analyst | Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Digital Product Management | University of Virginia (Coursera)

User Experiece Design | Georgia Insitute of Technogology (Coursera)

Bachelor's degree Information Technology | University of Science (Viet Nam)

Product Management Skills


Critical thinking.


Agile Product management.


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