Company Overall


Headquarter: United Kingdom


Komi is one of Devbase's key projects in 2022. Komi unlike other outsourcing projects, Komi hires 80% of Devbase's workforce in Vietnam in 2022 to build their projects during the fundraising phase.

Komi has a lot of ideas to build websites for the connection between Creators and their Fans. Komi's Epic construction forced the team to understand Agile's value absolutely because it requires rapid response to change.

Working with Komi helped me get more ideas about using technology to operate and grow my entertainment business.

Key Accomplishments

Role: Senior Project Manager

  • Get contracted with Ed Sheeran (, Mariah Carey (, Jack Grealish, Elton John, and world-class celebrities.

  • Integrated with 3rd party technical services such as, Cronofy, Mixpanel, Segment, Agora,, AWS.

  • Built several cutting-edge features such as interactive live streaming, a creator editor platform, and on-demand video call between creators and users.

  • Partnered with Youtube, Spotify, Tiktok, Bandsintown, ShopMyShelf.

  • Growth up to 123k MAU from Dec 2021 to Feb 2022.